Grill Party

Last day of the Semester. So, Lets Celebrate.

Our beloved Emmanual organised this Grill Party. It  is a typical German Culture.


Germans may not know much about football but they know how to grill perfectly.


” Liebe Frau……….”

Means : “It is better to kill wife and kid than wasting a beer”

Sounds Horrible!

German’s  love for beer is just the distance  between Blackhole and Earth.

This is my first grilling experience and it feels awesome.

You can Play(Pokemon Go lol), Drink, Chitchat, Conversations, have fun, food and all at one time. That’s typical grilling for you and i love it.


Memories to cherish Forever ❤

“Drinker Beer and Soda Guzzler Helmet” is from our funniest Greek Guy Nicos.(Plagiarism Alert!)

Seven Beers are one meal for Germans.

I asked some of my German friends:

” How you guys usually go back to home if you are fully drunk”

Dennis: I don’t know, But i will always be on my bed next day! *Laughs*

Micheal: We are Germans, We never get drunk fully! *Laughs*

Dennis: In the Worst case, we call our Parents (if they are also living in the same city) or Bartender usually call for Taxi.

At last, Our professor also joined the Party and asked us,

Do you like the german way of Partying?  and I was like Yeeeeesssssssssss!

One of my friend said that it is always easy to party like Asians!

You know how?, Jus Click a Selfie every 5 minutes. That’s it! *Laughs*



And I should admit, We(Asians) are most obsessed to selfies than Germans.

                                          The Big Baby Beer from my Chinese Classmate.


                                     This is how they transported Beer by Bicycle for Party


Beer Holder!

The Party ended at 10:30 (bit early for them  though!) and the day well went!


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